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1. Can the preparations be applied in Intex swimming pools made of PVC? Wouldnt the reagents corrode rubber?

Preparations of theDEZAVID family are neutral to treated surfaces. It is confirmed by respective examinations in licensed scientific institutions. Active substances contained in the preparation interact neither with chemicals of water, nor with the treated surface.

2.What is required to transfer a pool from the existing system of water purification based on chlorine to the system that uses Dezavid? Does it imply the necessity of technological changes in the disinfection installation? Or a complete replacement of the whole system is necessary?

When you change your pool from chlorine to our preparation the ideal option is to pour water out in order to get rid of the detrimental compounds that have formed because of the application of chlorine containing preparations, treat the pool basin and add DEZAVID-POOL to fresh water.
If this is difficult then the obligatory actions to undertake when you change the pool from chlorine-based disinfection to DEZAVID-POOL are as follows:

-totally eliminate free chlorine (neutralize chemically or keep the pool without adding chlorine for 2-4 days;
-partially (by 30-50%) replace the water in the pool;
-stabilize the pH index within 7.2-7.8;
-adjust water hardness no more 7 mg.equ/l or no more 350 ppm
-fully clean the pool basin of biofouling (if applicable).

As for the system of control and dosage, it is certain that the configuration employed for chlorine containing preparations is not necessary, because doses of DEZAVID-POOL remain in water during 7-14 days dependant on the pool load, and their consumption within this period is 30-50%. Dosing needs to be accomplished about once a week calculated as 1.5-2.0 grams per 1 cubic meter, and the maintenance dose should be at least 4.0 grams per 1 cubic meter.

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