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Production of domestic disinfectants for various objects and surfaces as well as for disinfection of drinking water, of sewage and of swimming pools water is aimed to create preparations that would meet modern requirements.

They must:

have high microbicide activity (including cultures of the most resistant micro-organisms);
effect all micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi);
be harmless to people who work with them or are present at disinfection works;
be innocuous to sanitized materials;
have sustained power;
be ecologically safe and convenient at use;
have wide application range.

Such a conclusion has been confirmed by the results of laboratory and industrial tests and studies performed by experts of the Research Institute of Disinfection Studies of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Research Institute of Human Ecology and Hygiene of Environment named after A.N. Sysin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Research Institute of Virology named after D.I. Ivanovsky of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, a state enterprise Institute Mosvodocanalniiproekt, a state enterprise Bryanskiye MIS, and by licensed laboratories of Australia, Bulgaria, Italy, China, Ukraine, Turkey and Thailand. In most of these countries the certification process of DEZAVID is about to be completed and in some of them its production is on the way.






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