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Systems for disinfection water  Dezavid-Sw

DEZAVID-SW a disinfectant to purify and disinfect municipal and industrial sewage and recycling waters and equipment cooling systems

The DEZAVID substance is based on organic polymers, i.e. water soluble polyelectrolytes built on guanidine compounds that are able to terminate gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as have anti-virus and fungicide effect. The presence of a positive ion in polymers imparts to them characteristics of a cation type flocculant, which promotes improvement of organoleptic characteristics of disinfected water.

When the effectiveness of the substance, as regards disinfection of river water, was compared with chlorine and natrium hypocloride the disinfection effect (in accordance with Sanitary Code) became clear with a dose of 0,4 mg per 1 liter, whereas a nearly 100 % inactivation of such micro-organisms as General Microbiological Number , General Coli form Bacteria , Term tolerant Coli form Bacteria, Staphylococcus, Salmonellas, Coliphages, Psendomonas Aeruginosae, Sulphite-reducing Clostridia was achieved with a single-sweep dose of the preparation equal to 1.5 mg per 1 liter (compared to 3-4 mg per 1 liter for chlorine and 2-2.5 mg per 1 liter for natrium hypocloride).

When street water and sewage are disinfected the 100% bactericide effect of the preparation use is achieved in 10 minutes of application. In this process the composition of sewage changes drastically, that is not only do smells disappear and coloration improves but also the portion of easy oxidable organic compounds decreases by up to 90%, the portion of phenols and surface-active material decreases by up to 55%, and sewage quality gets close to the quality of ground surface reservoirs.

In respect of high toxicity the substance falls into the 4th class of low-hazard chemicals when entering the stomach or hitting the skin. Due to poor volatility the preparation is low-hazardous when inhaling.

In applied doses it does not have sensibilizing action, is non-toxic for gonads, the immune system or embryos, and does not have mutagenic or carcinogenic effect.

The recommended dose of 1.5-8 mg per 1 liter depends on the composition and characteristics of the water to be disinfected, and the methods of purification and disinfection at specific purification plants. The required time of application ought to exceed 60 minutes.

DEZAVID-SW meets all requirements of the RF Sanitary Code and has the following characteristics:

does not contain toxic components like chlorine, aldehydes, phenols, etc.;
its ph index is 61;
is totally harmless to treated materials;
provides for sustained protection of treated surfaces against re-infection by micro-organisms; does not require any additional equipment for sewage purification plants or a change of water disinfection technology;
is effective with any level of pollution and quality of treated water;
prevents biofouling of water preparation systems, pipelines and equipment;
does not form toxic carcinogens;
has strong flocculant effect;
is applied in small doses;
does not require special training or means of individual protection;
has a long term of expiry;
does not require specialist production facilities, or specially equipped storages or special means of transport;
is easy and safe to handle, store and transport;
is practically harmless for humans, flora, fauna and the environment.










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